We are Kim's Taekwondo of McMinnville. We are a light contact style, originally ITF. We are a branch school of Kim's United Taekwon-Karate Center of Portland, Oregon, headed by Grandmaster Hong Sik Kim.

We encourage ourselves and our students to constantly work toward perfection (not possible, but we can keep trying). What this does is focus us on positive goals and keep us up off the couch (which is where I'm sitting while I write this, darn it). Our theory is that a healthy body comes from regular exercise and avoidance of stress, and Taekwondo class helps with that. A healthy, disciplined body leads to a healthy disciplined mind and spirit.

We welcome all students, preferring that children be at least six, preferably seven or older, depending on how determined they are. Our style is difficult for small chiildren, but occasionally we get one who is in love with Taekwondo and works harder at it than anyone. Start a child too young, or push them into it when they aren't ready, and they may avoid ever coming back. Young children can also be motivated by having a family member participate with them.

 No special equipment needed. A uniform is only needed if the student decides s/he wants to promote. Promotions are performed before either Grandmaster Tesdal (our instructor) or Grandmaster Kim. The calendar shows Portland promotion dates, and Forest Grove promotion takes place on the previous Wednesday.

Monthly tuition at our school: $50. Promotion costs more, but students decide whether they wish to promote when instructors tell them they are eligible.  In this way, we try to make martial arts available to all, not just the rich. Why? Because participation in a formal exercise program, especially one like martial arts which encourage personal growth, helps people be healthier and happier, and hopefully more in control of themselves. That's important in today's overcrowded, stressed out world.